EKH/EKC© by Dr. Ute Mahr: Basic Training in English, course no. 1

EKH/EKC© by Dr. Ute Mahr: Basic Training in English, course no. 1

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This course offers in short time an intensively learning intensively to solve problems more easily and to cope better with the life and live a life with deeper happiness and less fear. I teach You the best elements of all the therapy and coaching trainings, I have learned and optimized over 35 years working with people.We work online, cause this helps to transfer the learning into the daily life.All courses are  accepted as a part of my training in Effective Body-oriented Hypnosis (EKH©) and Effective Body-oriented Coaching (EKC©).

Course No.1: Healing Myself (part 1)
  1.     The basic strategies of the EKH©:     12.09.24
  2.     Arriving in the body comfortably:      26.09.24
  3.     Body mind soul integration:      10.10.24
  4.     Learning to solve fear:     14.11.24
  5.     Reaction and creation:      28.11.24
  6.     Learning to cure somatization:      12.12.24
  7.     Desidentification helps to heal:     
  8.     Meaning ascription as a part of the problem:     
  9.     Becoming and perish as help to the self-healing becomes:     
  10.     The 7 phases of the self healing process:      

Hinweis: Die Seminare werden im Part von Frau Dr. Ute Mahr als Video/Audio aufgenommen, aber ohne Video-Stream der Teilnehmer, sondern nur deren Wortmeldungen als Audio-Aufzeichnung. Wenn Ihnen die Audio-Aufzeichnung Ihrer Wortmeldung unangenehm ist, bitte kurze Mail, dann wird Ihre Wortmeldung in der Stimme verzerrt und unkennbar gemacht.


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